Decide Your Goal

Decide Your Goal

You can generate that extra income you need but you must START NOW. March 7th,is our next gathering at the Polytecnic University ..hosted by Beverly Williams
lunch 11:00 til 12:00
12:30 til 1:30 your choice.
The same procedure,bring your business cards,any literature and you get 3 minutes uninterrupted speaking time.Be prepared with your bullet notes.
This gathering is all about “CC”,   Cool connections.
We can’t make the deals on the golf course,but we can here at the Greneteams gatherings,face to face.
The good old days when we actually had to see the person,not just click.


Face to name tags. Bringing your journal so we can connect. Laura has set up our web site with the photos & your business cards.

updates shortly as I’m still using Facebook to connect.

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