About Us

Our founder, "the general", pati mills

Artist, Business Woman, Pilot, Real Estate Broker, Master Networker, and believe it or not, Security Guard!  Ask her for that story!

Greneteam gal's mission

The Greneteam Gal’s mission is to quite simply ‘go where we’re needed.’  

Our goal is to help local, woman-owned businesses grow.

We help them do that by:

  • holding our meetings at a business that we’d like to support, giving both our dollars and some publicity
  • shopping from each other whenever possible
  • connecting one another to other nearby resources as needed

And while we’re a business-minded bunch, we support each other personally as well.  We know what it means to run a business while juggling the rest of life and we have each other’s back.

greneteam origins

Pati is no stranger to bringing business women together.  She started The Business Womens Network 25 years ago because she wanted to surround herself with the best and brightest so that they could all shine together.  Flash forward to the present, and the group has a new name, but the same purpose: to elevate local woman-owned businesses to the next level.