Greneteam gals… what’s in a name?

Grene is the old English version of the word Green.  The color green represents the harvest, growth, luck, and of course, money!

The Greneteam Gals is a group of tenacious business women looking to enrich our communities and each other– all while fattening our pocketbooks!

If you’re an ambitious, big-hearted lady entrepreneur in Polk County, FL, we want to hear from you!

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What’s with the sailfish?

Other than being a cute little mascot, the sailfish is a play on words.  Sailfish — Selfish.  Close, right?

The Greneteam believes that business owners need to be a little sailfish.  We believe in honesty and fair play, but entrepreneurs have to seize their moments and look out for their enterprises.  Friends are great (and we are a caring bunch), but when it’s time to get down to business, we get down to business.

We respectfully and enthusiastically support one another whenever possible.  But– when it’s our turn to give our elevator pitch, you better believe we’re going to take it!  It’s OK to be a little sailfish (just not a lot!).

A Glimpse into the team…

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